TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in March 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in March 2020


The author of this article speculates on the topic of how the global pandemic caused by coronavirus will affect project delivery. These predictions are worth taking into account, because, they help you to understand what risks may materialize in the nearest future and what challenges you may face soon. BTW, many of these predictions are already becoming true on my projects [Read More…]

Fear, anxiety, and anger are realities. They appear in all situations, including projects. When you as a project manager encounter these emotions in your employees, it is really difficult to cope with them, finding the place between suppression and acting out. This article teaches us how to deal with fear and anger in our teams minimizing any negative impact on projects [Read More…]


The novel coronavirus is having a devastating impact around the world, and it is affecting how teams work and communicate. For some companies remote work is a completely new experience. This article gives advice to Project Manager Offices about what they can do in these trying times in order to keep project teams in sync [Read More …]

The global spread of the virus may be a moment that reveals whether employers are ready to respond rapidly to unexpected workplace changes. This disaster brings a lot of new challenges to different companies all over the world. The major change is most probably the shift to remote work. The author of this article makes suggestions on how the organizations can flexibly respond to this disruption and even use it as an opportunity to reimagine work broadly [Read More…]

According to a recent study by the Project Management Institute, organizations that undervalue project management report that 67 percent more of their projects fail. Too often that undervaluing starts with project managers who hold misconceptions around how to create and execute a plan for project success. In this article 8 of most common project managers` misbeliefs are listed that can derail your project success [Read More…]

In the course of my manager`s work I`ve been hearing about the concept of organizational silos many times. When I encountered this term, I always associated it with poor communications, that have led to a bad outcome. However, up until now I wasn`t able to confirm that I completely understand what “organizational silos” actually means.  Fortunately, I`ve come across this wonderful article that explains pretty well what organizational silos is, how it forms and what negative consequences it has [Read More…]

There is no doubt that Slack is a powerful tool to keep your remote team engaged and replicate (at least virtually) the conversations and interactions that naturally happen in a workplace. A lot of companies embrace Slack and my personal opinion is that it is an up-to-date industry standard for remote communications. However, even the best tool may be a disaster if using it incorrectly. In this article, Jason Aten, shares short, but very helpful tips on how to make the most of Slack in your virtual communications [Read More…]


Having diverse viewpoints on a team makes that team better. However, this rule works only if everyone on the team is willing to communicate those viewpoints. I believe, everyone knows how difficult it is to express disagreement in person, and unfortunately, with remote teams this challenge only gets more complicated. In this article Zapier employee shares successful experience of embracing a healthy disagreement culture in their remote team [Read More …]

While remote work has a number of positive benefits for both companies and their employees, it also poses a number of challenges. The top of them are ineffective collaboration, poor communication and loneliness. It is job of a project manager to take care of building company culture and employee relations in remote teams. In this article you will find 36 awesome ways to bring your team together no matter where their office is located [Read More …]


If you practice Scrum, you most probably, heard about the optimal size of a Scrum Team which is 5-9 people. Scrum Guide suggests this numbers, however, doesn`t provide any meaningful explanation of why it is so. The author of this article is trying to explore what is the effective Scrum team size based on his extensive experience and math [Read More …]

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