TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in June 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in June 2020


The latest worldwide transition to remote work raised questions that a headache for project managers: how to build trust and psychological safety in remote teams and support employees who feel isolated. You may find a lot of advice on the Web, but all of them look pretty standard and dull, and one can hardly believe they’re effective. The author of this article suggests an unusual approach to this issue – storytelling [Read More…]

The author of this article argues that the actual role of a leader is not to answer questions and resolve issues, but rather to build an environment where the team has to think through and solve emergent problems themselves. This role may be realized by asking the proper questions. The long list of sample questions for almost every project situation possible is included! [Read More…]


This article introduces the idea of a “Gemba walk” as a means of business improvement. It is a practice of seeing the actual work, understanding the processes involved, and asking questions about it, all for learning. Gemba walk is performed to give the leaders or staff involved the opportunity to walk around and observe the workplace to identify wasteful activities [Read More …]

Managing project stakeholders is one of the most challenging tasks for any project manager. This article offers practical tips to help you succeed in aligning the stakeholders, involving them in the right way, and securing their support for important product decisions. Though it is written from the product manager’s perspective, most of the mentioned tips are entirely universal [Read More…]

All managers know about the most significant challenges considered to carry out successful projects which are completing the project on schedule, remaining within the predefined budgets, and showing little to no disparity between the actual and calculated quality of work. However, when it comes to practice, the project outcomes are not always as good as we want them to be. This article provides a list of short, simple though effective strategies for managing projects that will help you ensure triumph over all odds and lead the project to a successful outcome [Read More…]

This article is an essay on the topic what is the difference between a good project manager and a bad project manager. The author gives examples of most common managers’ behavior in different project situations and assigns this behavior to a good or bad manager type. Read this article and never be a bad one [Read More…]

The authors of this article ponder on the topic of politics in software development projects. They reveal why internal political issues emerge on projects and advise how to navigate the team through all the barriers and impediments that arise due to project politics [Read More…]

Remote Teams

Recently, many companies have made the transition to remote work arrangements—some for the first time. And it turned out that it is not easy to create bonds and build unity among team members who may be located in different places, sometimes in multiple countries around the world. This article is a brilliant compilation of advice on building connections and camaraderie among your team members, regardless of where they’re physically located [Read More …]


Leaders of organizations getting through an Agile transformation are often worried whether they’re doing agile well. There are a lot of different metrics meant to answer this question; however, quite often, metrics maybe be faked. In this article, Bob Galen lists eight not so obvious but clear metrics that show that your organization is doing Agile well. Or not [Read More …]

Though Scrum is considered as an industry standard for software development projects now, its recommendations do not always fit the company’s processes and policies. That’s why so many organizations claiming they apply Scrum are applying some elements of Scrum in reality. Even a separate term of Scrumban has emerged, which means a combination of Scrum and Kanban. This article describes the essence, the pros, and cons of this notorious project management framework [Read More …]

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