TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in July 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in July 2020


Cost-benefit analysis is a tool project managers use to compare various business initiatives and make a financially-sound plan of action. This decision-making process has several steps for data collection, plus a little bit of math. In this article, the Wrike team walks you through these and answers some frequently asked questions about how to do a cost-benefit analysis  [Read More…]

As a project manager, you’re probably juggling a number of different projects daily. Keeping track of everything can get difficult in this situation. In this guide, the Hubstaff team shares 8 practical strategies for managing multiple projects at once  [Read More …]

When you start working on a brand new project, you need to understand the leading business stakeholders’ expectations, be it your client or a project sponsor within your organization. One of the best ways to collect information about the project requirements is by conducting a UX workshop. This article provides advice on organizing an effective UX workshop that allows you to get all the necessary information from project stakeholders, even if they don’t know how to give it  [Read More…]

The authors of this article put together several popular conflict resolution models, which resulted in a step-by-step guide on how to deal with conflicts in a team. However, all these models are useful only in theory, and you, as a manager, have to address each case separately depending on the context. The most important solution is to care, get involved, listen, and try to diagnose the conflicts you see occurring  [Read More…]

Remote Teams

Brainstorming is one of the most popular and effective techniques for collecting ideas and decision making, at least for collocated teams. But is it possible to host an effective brainstorming session within a remote team? It turns out that it is possible. This article provides a flexible six-step process for brainstorming with your remote team  [Read More …]

In present-day realities, when a more flexible, remote working model seems to be the future, you may want to consider how to facilitate virtual team building to ensure remote employees are engaged and connected. To make any team building work for remote employees, the manager needs to encourage individuals to make the most of them – with more people willingly participating. This article provides 11 activities that will help bring your remote workers together  [Read More …]

Scrum & Agile

The author of this article explains the concept of “failing fast, failing often” on the example of the COVID-19 vaccine development process. She argues that “failing fast” does not refer to a lack of success; it is merely a different meaning of success  [Read More …]

The author of this article started a thread on twitter about what makes a good retrospective. He wrote a list off the top of my head and than other people picked it up and added a nu,ber of their points. As a result they got a pretty meaningful and extensive check-list on hosting a good retrospective meeting. Check it out, and you too!  [Read More …]

In this article, Stefan Wolpers defends Scrum from attacks of countless developers who complain that Scrum doesn’t work, that it is dead and useless, etc. Stefan takes an article that is a glaring example of such a debunking. He reviews this article paragraph by paragraph, showing what Scrum-haters are wrong about while explaining the main Scrum concepts  [Read More …]

This article is a summary of a big discussion around Scrum drawbacks happening on Stackoverflow. It resonates with another article in this digest by Stefan Walters and complements it. The author of the article collects all the Scrum pitfalls articulated by the haters and opposes them with the answers from Scrum supporters in the mentioned thread  [Read More …]

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