TOP 10 Articles on Project Management in August 2020

Every month I put together my version of the best articles on project management, leadership and team building. Check out the TOP 10 articles on project management in August 2020


Even before the pandemic hit, project management was going through a sea change. But the remote nature of our new normal has accelerated and morphed that change so rapidly that trends are going hot and cold before our eyes. The authors of this article spoke to several project management experts in an attempt to figure out what trends are rising and which are falling in the project management world [Read More…]


If I ask you about the things that impede the project’s success, you’ll probably mention poor communication. If I ask you about the root causes of poor communication, you may mention many things, but you probably won’t mention bias. In the meantime, bias is a thing that affects our communication and collaboration a lot. This article is about eight biases and how they manifest in the workplace. Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll be more aware of them and can reduce their impact [Read More …]

When a new team is forming, it usually takes time to achieve this team’s peak performance. Why is it happen? One of the reasons is that people on the new team are different, and it takes time for them to get accustomed to each other’s traits and behavior and build effective ways of collaboration. The author of this article shares an amazing idea of how we can expedite this process of getting along. The method is called “A User Guide To Working With You.” It’s one of the best ideas I encountered on the Web this year [Read More…]

One of the very disappointing things when working in a team is when the group does not take your idea, and the opposite decision is made despite your disagreement. You may feel rejected and even humiliated in such situations, which affects your performance and morale. This article teaches us how to turn the negative power of disagreement into a positive and constructive direction [Read More…]


How often do you get interrupted and distracted from your planned tasks during the working day? I bet that way too often than you wanted it to happen. Such interruptions lead to spending extra time at work—resulting in a poor work/life balance and potentially pushing the entire work schedule back a day. The author of this article suggests asking yourself 5 questions the next time when you get distracted from your ongoing work. Hopefully, this approach will help you to deal better with unplanned requests [Read More…]

This article is a brief introduction to Cost Management on the projects. It uncovers the key concepts and areas you should pay attention to when managing project costs. Though this is just basic information, it still can help project managers to track cost and changes effectively and make informed decisions when the time comes [Read More…]


The adoption of information technologies gave rise to distributed teams and outsourcing practices. From the first sight, this is a very good approach to building productive teams, however, it is fraught with some risks and adverse side effects. Unfortunately, distributed teams are prone to toxic communications. This article guides you through the most common spots in distributed teams that may lead to a toxic team culture. Now, your job is to avoid and mitigate those issues on the way to a distributed team of your dream [Read More …]

Remote Teams

As recently as the previous year, completely remote teams were rather an extraordinary thing than a trend. Then a COVID-10 pandemic and a subsequent lockdown broke out, and we all found ourselves in a new reality with completely remote teams as a norm. We all had many questions and concerns back then, but now after half of a year quarantine period, we can make some conclusions and share lessons learned. In this article, you’ll find advice from 14 leaders on keeping your remote teams accountable [Read More …]


In this article, Mike Cohn demystifies one of the main Scrum principles, which is transparency. He approaches it not from a theoretical, but from a real-life point of view and speculates whether it always makes sense to promote full transparency [Read More …]

Agile metrics help us understand the current situation better and gain insight into change over time. Without metrics, assessing any effort or development will be open to gut feeling and bias-based interpretation. However, not all metrics seem to be equally useful. This article will help you understand what kind of metrics you can use in each situation for the project’s benefit [Read More …]

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