PM Stories: Instant Karma

Once I had my first project status meeting with a client at my new job. As usual, after the call I had to share meeting minutes with the client. I asked my colleagues in what way they usually send meeting minutes.  They said it was enough to create a shared document with the meeting overview and then send a link to this document to the client via email.… [ Read the rest...]
Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Does It Really Work in Projects?

After completion of each project it is recommended to conduct a lessons learned session with a team. But many people including some project managers believe that lessons learned is just yet another meeting and a waste of time. Let`s figure out if it’s true or not. What is Lessons Learned Session and How It Differs from Retrospective Meeting First, let’s try to understand what  actually a lessons learned meeting is and what’s the difference between it and a well-known in Scrum retrospective meeting.… [ Read the rest...]

Why Remote Teams Matter in 2018?

If someone asks me what an ideal team is like, I will answer without any doubt that an ideal team is a collocated team. And what`s also important, an ideal project manager is the one who works in the same room with a collocated team. This point is easy to explain because, when the whole team is located in the same room and when you as a manager is present there, you may feel the pulse of your team.… [ Read the rest...]