How to Turn the Floor Over to the Next Person on Daily Scrum Meeting

If you use Scrum methodology on your projects, you definitely know how the Daily Scrum Meeting goes. If not, here is a quick walk-thru. People take their turns and provide their status updates one at a time. The status is short but informative, and its purpose is to answer three main questions: “What I did yesterday”, “What I’m going to do today”, “What impediments or blockers I`m having at the moment”. But here comes a problem, which is especially relevant for remote teams: “How to turn the floor over from one team member to another?”

I personally know the two most common ways to do this. The first and the most popular way is when Scrum Master (or another person responsible for meeting facilitation) calls directly the name of each person and asks them to provide their status update. The turn may be passed either according to some predefined order or randomly. 

Another way of giving the floor to the teammates on the Daily Scrum Meeting is when a meeting facilitator nominates the first person to provide the status and after that, each person nominates the next speaker. Some managers believe that this way is more productive because the team members don`t know the regular order and are forced to actually listen to the meeting, waiting for their turn. (I personally believe in other means of improving engagement on the meetings).

Regardless of the ways how you turn the floor to other teammates on Daily Meetings, there is one thing about it that worries me. Let’s say you use the traditional approach and just directly call your colleagues to speak. For me, it looks unnatural, as if all our team members reported back to me when I`m calling them by names. So, at some point, I started thinking about how I could spice up this roll call with extra phrases to be added to the teammate’s name.

So, I did some research and put together the list of phrases you may use to pass the floor to other teammates on the Daily Scrum Meeting in a more natural communicational way. I use fictional names here just in order to make these phrases more illustrative.

The list of phrases to use when you turn the floor to another speaker 

  • John, what news do you have?
  • Vlad, is there any update from you?
  • Mary, how are you doing?
  • Max, the floor is yours!
  • Greta, I give the floor to you!
  • Peter, it`s your turn now.
  • Boris, please, share your update!

I guess these phrases are quite enough to liven up your Daily Meetings. Now it`s your turn. How do you pass the floor from one person to another on your daily meetings?

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