10 arguments why daily scrum meeting is important (infographic)

It happens that engineers call into question the importance of daily scrum meeting, especially those ones who have a lack of experience of working in a team. Their most common argument against this meeting is that it distracts them from the actual work, and it is just a waste of time. If you as a project manager faces this issue, you should find the right words and arguments to explain your team mates the usefulness of a daily scrum meeting and to persuade them not only to attend it but also to be an active participant at it.… [ Read the rest...]

Knowledge Transfer Plan for Project Managers (Checklist)

During our career we find ourselves in different situations. Sometimes we decide that it’s time for new challenges and make a decision to take on a new and more promising position. Another time due to unfavourable circumstances we have to leave the job to which we devoted years of hard work and efforts. Anyway, job change happens almost to everyone and this is definitely one of the most stressful periods in our lives.… [ Read the rest...]